On My Toz Dance
Program Information
Come and enjoy the benefit of a small group study in the art of ballet. Start or continue to train to develop beautiful posture, grace and poise. On My Toz provides semi-private instruction. We continue to learn and review the fundamentals and technique in Dance. I want to continue to give you the best study and preparations for Dance that I can. Dance education remains priority #1. Performances complement, but Dance class is our foundation. I do not view my program as recreational. I am committed to providing quality Dance, and I must have the same commitment from my students and parents.

Beginner Ballet classed start at age 5 though adult.

Jazz classes are available for students ages 8 and up and are required to take at least 1 ballet class.

Adult and Young Adult Ballroom Dance Instruction
Beginning this Fall! Contact us for more information

Summer Dance Camp Workshops
Build your dance skill in Science, Art, and Principles of technique, performance, choreography, theater skills, cultural studies and more! A week worth not missing!

I - Tiny Toz - I'm a new dancer - (Ages 4 - up)
II - Dance Adventure - Explore and build a variety of dance disciplines
III - Dance Intensive - Build dance skills (will include pointe) - (Ages 11 - up)

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Private Classes and Workshops
Private Classes and Workshops are available for those who wish to improve their dance education. Please call for more information.