On My Toz Dance
Pre-Wedding Dance Classes
Come and enjoy the benefit of a small group study in the art of ballet. Start or continue to train to develop beautiful posture, grace and poise. On My Toz provides semi-private instruction. We continue to learn and review the fundamentals and technique in Dance. I want to continue to give you the best study and preparations for Dance that I can. Dance education remains priority #1. Performances complement, but Dance class is our foundation. I do not view my program as recreational. I am committed to providing quality Dance, and I must have the same commitment from my students and parents.

On My Toz Dance Presents...

Pre-Wedding Dance Classes
for you and your guests!

Teach Basic Ballroom Dance to:

  • Bride and Groom
  • Parents
  • Bridal Party
  • Family
  • Friends

What better way to guarantee you'll look terrific than by having a little pre-wedding practice for one of the biggest days of your life! (Or your child's life!)

You can learn steps to that actual music you've chosen for your Special Dance! On My Toz can teach you the wedding dances you want to learn - with special music, special choreography, or special dances in mind!

Also a great idea for Bridal Parties!

Don't wait any longer to learn those dance steps! Call (630) 295-5885 or Contact Us to schedule your Pre-Wedding Dance Classes!

Click here for a Pre-Wedding Dance Class flyer to give to your friends!


Class Information:
6 Weeks Instruction
Friday or Saturday Evenings, 1 Hour Each Night
Call for Pricing Information